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Monday, April 22, 2013


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Picture age four, a little boy
to whom Santa brought a toy
fiddle. Word rhymed with
diddle, as in "Hey Diddle, Diddle
The Cat and His Fiddle...
cow jumped over the moon, and
dish ran away with the spoon..."

I positively hated the violin
Hated my mother--a sin--
which led to many years
of torture, tears and fears.

SKIP from age 4 to 75
Hardly a man is now alive...?*

In nursing home a violin plays--
and it is ME, some days!
Playing for the old folks,
conjuring maybe a memory.

Smallest old lady (Edna) in wheelchair bent
over, as if God might send for her
that very afternoon. Eyes closed, nothing
moved...soundless room...just we two
alone (with about 40 others!), me
on floor, kneeling so I might see her face
and she, restrained with a brace, still in
mode of sightlessness.

I said to The Spirit--"What shall I play?"
Floated out from my violin that day, a
favorite "Ave Maria" which would say
most honest truth known, to Edna,
new Friend, most smallest lady--who
opened her blues, squinted at me. 

As we "connected" I saw a tear--only one,
roll down beautiful age-pruned place
along that creek where nose meets face.
What Utter joy--HOLY JOY I felt, as
her joyful memory-tears followed the one...

Thank You, God the Father
and Thank You, my Mother
for Gifts you both gave me that day,
Gifts for me to now give away......

As nursing aide rolled her away, I felt something taken from me.
Several days later, she was in heaven with her real Sancta Marie.
A nurse had whispered,
"We wondered if she would ever again
look out from her head bent there...
whether might once more shed a tear."


...and every now and then, finding myself in a dark alley of life

I remember that day
and ask Edna to pray
for me.

This happened several years ago at                              

Moorings Park, Naples Florida

*from Longfellow's

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere


  1. Oh wow Steve! aren't we blessed by our inner instincts?! such a lovely gift you gave her- blessings

  2. oh steve...i can imagine how much this has meant for her...probably a song that stirred so many memories.. so cool that you played for them, for her...blessings your way...

  3. Steve, how kind and wonderful that you played for her. It meant so much to her and to you. So fulfilling to give of yourself. Peace and Love to you.

  4. What extraordinary things we can encounter in ordinary life if we make ourselves available for it! Thanks for your comment, by the way.

  5. A great gift, and greater because it was shared. IOnspiring story Steve.

  6. bless you for loving on her...and playing for her....and for the spirit in giving you the right song to play to touch a heart and life...smiles...now bring that fiddle up here...and play me the song the spirit leads you...i wanna hear it...smiles...

  7. Brought tears to my eyes, Steve... so very touching. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow, this is such a heartfelt story..

    I said to The Spirit--"What shall I play?"

    Always listen with a still heart to the spirit and it will show you the way!

    Bright Blessings..

  9. I just finished this book by Jonas Jonasson. It about a man jumping out his nursing home window and run for freedom ... just as everybody is getting ready to throw him his 100th birthday party ... surreal write and not at the same time ... don't know whether the book is available in English ... hopefully, yes, because because there are good lessons on life in there. Always, cat.

    1. Cat, book not yet in English, but AMAZON will see to that, I'm sure. I read that publisher (Carl?) is making it available in world languages soon: and my great (really) hope is that "soon" means SOON! On your recommendation I shall have a copy on my iPad for an upcoming motor trip. And for.................

      Der Hundertjährige, der aus dem Fenster stieg und verschwand
      I THANK YOU!

  10. Incredibly wonderful Steve...... It's always those moments that exist through caring, sharing, and love that lift our souls. What a touching story. I would have guessed hr favorite as "Ave Maria" also...... A beautiful song.

  11. This is just so beautiful. Sometimes all we need is a little prayer to help us on our journey here and into heaven. I'm sure Edna smiles every time you pray to her.

  12. Remember Steve you got to practice several hours a day and you were not out working in the hot sun. Thats what you told me. Larry

  13. Your music brought sweetness to that little cold space. I could almost hear that beautiful Ave Maria from here, Steve!

    And thank you for leaving those sweet little comments on my blogs for me. It makes me smile. It felt so much like a little child finding some hidden candies in her track! Sorry it took me so long to get here..!

    Lots of Love,

  14. just thought i'd stop and say hi...smiles