Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


                                                      myriam loor

Is there a hell for these Peeps? HELL YES!

--Steve E

Pondering recent atrocities--while reading others who commented Monday's Boston Marathon 2013 happenings of horribleness--I found that I had not words to express my thoughts. Early this morning, picking up the most dusty book on my shelf, opening it randomly, I stared at this piece, as it stared back at me. From W H Auden's poem "Precious Five". This last stanza embodied my thinking, and is what I wished I could have written:

"I could" says the poet there,

Find reasons fast enough                        
To face the sky and roar
In anger and Despair
At what is going on--
Demanding that it name
Whoever is to blame.

The sky would only wait
Til all my breath was gone
And then reiterate
As if I wasn't there
That singular command
I do not understand:

Bless what there is, for being,

Which has to be obeyed, for
What else am I made for,
Agreeing or disagreeing?

--W H Auden

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  1. Thank you, Steve for sharing. All of us are o trying to understand this senseless and vile act. Peace.

  2. What a horrible event to happen in your country Steve ~ I can't understand it myself ~

    1. ...and I thought you lived in Miami, Florida!! (El Stupido, Mi.)

  3. i can't find words as well...it's terrible...haven't even watched the news so far as i'm just afraid that i can't even stand the pictures...side by side..stand and pray..all we can do at the moment

  4. there is no understanding. no way for a sane person to wrap their head around the insanity abounding.

    those lines were a perfect share.

  5. All we can do is bond and comfort one another. There is no understanding of a violent and senseless act. Thank you, Steve.

  6. With few exceptions, all the world mourns.

  7. Steve, your posting of another poet's words (especially Auden) was a good idea and very much appreciated.

    While I don't believe in hell, I do believe in jails. I hope and pray we do not pay back senseless violence with more of the same. I'm mourning today, as I did for my friend Leslie's hometown of Newtown, where I spent lots of wonderful summers. Peace be with you all, Amy

  8. W H Auden is an excellent choice for this tragic event, Steve.


  9. Steve,

    I agree this leaves me at a loss as well. Boston is one of my favorite cities here and to see this happen rips my heart.

    Bright Blessings...

  10. God is everything or God is nothing, you are right.

  11. "The sky would only wait
    Til all my breath was gone" my favorite part of this. It shows this vast perspective that we here in the thick of things can not have.

  12. I too am beyond words, but words are all we have...

  13. It's tragic what has happened, and how can you fathom what makes people do such terrible things...it is beyond words what has happened and how to express how you feel.

  14. Thank you for sharing. This poem is a perfect choice.

  15. just when I think I've been honest with my poetry, I read this. thank you very much, this is brilliant in its complex sighting and understanding.

  16. I'm all the way in Nigeria but I do know how you feel... I felt the very same way when I heard the news yesterday... We also have had bombs going off in my country lately

    Its sickening whats going on...God help us all.

    Thanks for sharing...


  17. Excellent Steve, not the reasons for it but the heartfelt writing from you and the poet.