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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


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Photo found on blog of my friend AYALA


Beginning is where we'll start,
Learn to stand, learn to hold.
Proficiency, not easy in any art
So do exactly as you're told

On floor I've drawn chalk "feet"
Where you'll stand--sir, relax!
No practicing on a seat
It's a fine violin, not a sax…(Sorry, Claudia!)

Ok now, control a pencil
Grab it only like I say.
Index and pinkie on top
Under, lay your thumb
Right! Like the fulcrum.

It's how you'll hold a bow.
After which 
we'll switch:
Tuning, practicing, maintenance
Of violin and bow. See? An hour 
Seemed not slow.
OK. Time to go.

C O F F E E  !!!!!

My first adult student,
I've always said, "Never!" 
His first violin lesson…
age 29. A Lawyer.

Quickly, I said "NO!"
He showed interest in
My Motor Scooter (so--
I changed my mind.) 

If he's a biker-lawyer, he must be OK. I mean
dedicated, with willingness, and desire to enjoy the sounds he will make some day. Einstein and Sherlock found their serenity in playing violin….Why not?

50 years his senior. Maybe I'm a
grandfather figure?  God's in charge!

--by steveroni
March 2013


  1. Oh I like this, one is never too old too learn. Makes me think of my drums and learning at the age of... No wait, I'm a girl, age is never spoken *grin*

  2. smiles...so when you come up you going to give me a lesson? just saying...smiles....that is a cool piece of art as well...hey i'd love to know how to play...

  3. haha...very cool... i think violin is one of the most difficult instruments to learn..and you need a good ear to hit the right tunes... i imagine that you're an awesome teacher and not only because you're a good player but because you're so good with people..so is there a code in this..? smiles

  4. Fine and very fine! grand in fact- stretching oneself as a student or teacher is Grrr-eattt- Thanks!

  5. Lucky you and any one learning to play whichever musical instrument, and esp. if you are the teacher... shame on me for not being able to... as young as Shadow to learn, though!

  6. you have such a good and funny experience with a lawyer.

    Do you charge the lawyer by seconds or minutes?

    1. Hour is divided into 10ths. Each 6-minute fee is $65...so hour is $650. That is HIS fee structure--Smiles!

      My fee is "All the coffee I can drink in an hour."

  7. Happy you were able to use the image :) peace :)

  8. Smiles. Great image and fun poem. I had one violin lesson. Need I say more? Ended up with piano instead.

  9. Hi, I absolutely adore music it stirs my soul..a violin makes a beautiful sound..well, kudos to the new student..following a passion..the picture is amazing!

  10. How fun to learn how to play the violin, Steve! Learning a new instrument is good for all no matter what age... stretches the mind. I play the piano.

  11. Music is a gift from the gods and the violin one of most beautiful....bkm

  12. Great post Steve, and with strings attached, I like it!

  13. keep going..
    soon post a video with you playing :)

    1. I really would enjoy doing that...just don't know quite how to "set it up". Thanks for the spurring-on message, Jyoti!

  14. I love the violin and if I were musical then that would be my instrument of choice. That phone of the broken statue and violin on the ground is sad, or perhaps its suppose to look like that? Music coming out of the ground? It is very stirring indeed.