Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


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(OLN) #75


Arrogant, rude, selfish,
of no account..
I know him like bad dreams.
Whoever he meets 
wishing himself to mount
highest in their esteem.

(inspired by one other
he hated her
who created him
yes, his mother!)

HE, FULL of him,
he pictures himself
Santa's main man--

endears HIM to
others, collecting
thinking he
so big.
And what he is
but a pig

In terms terse
He hates
whole Universe.

fancies being
savior of Peeps.

Full of crass--
His raving
not his soul
nor his ass.

Arrogant, selfish,
a non-account..
How is it
I know him well?
HE is ME!

Thanks to the program Alcoholics Anonymous,
which is teaching me to live and love
in a manner heretofore foreign to me.
And thank God Who showed this place
to ME...so HE
might teach me
to BE and LET BE!


Peeps, I just cannot keep up with my life as it has evolved--and also keep up this blog. So for about the 5th time, steveroni is bowing out. I will be on Face Book, unless I choke on that as well--

Comments will be open for some days and then closed. The blog will stay up here as Fourth Dimension, until I return--no, I'm not sick, nor in prison. I have made this blog a load I cannot carry for now. My interest is in learning html, maybe other coding as well. And Website work, and it is this study paves the road I'm traveling.

I LOVE YOU ALL, HAVE LOVED YOU ALL! My heart is sorry, because every one of you bloggers have meant so much to my growth these four-plus years. May God be good to each--wishing I could name names now, but it would read like the "begets" in the old Book!

Steve E

A friend suggested to TURN ON comments.
All know that I follow directions--well SOMETIMES!
Comments WILL receive a response.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Time Flies

Many years I have observed...
the world pass in front of me. 
I waved, of course....slowly, as
life, lives, and time seem to flee.

Peeps looked and stared at me--
peeked right into my face.
Is ogling all they had to do?
Like I'm from another race?

True, one arm was shortened at birth
which made me somewhat lopsided
Not to mean my life saw no mirth...
!!! like when a man asked "What's the time?"

I pointed my long arm at three-ish, 
my shorter arm at seven.
(Real time--grin?  quarter after eleven!)
He missed his flight. Sheeeesh!.

Lord knows I tried to make amends
but at that moment I heard one say,
"This, buddy, is where your life ends."
Tossed me into closet with old junk-friends.
I waited patiently through long day.

With short arm I scratched my face,
as long arm kept twitching, like every second.

Listening to noises all about me,
constant sounds, "clicking, clicking"...
noticed yellow-painted sign over door:
"Clocks That Never Stop Ticking"

--steveroni, aka "tic-toc-aroni"

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Game of hearts?

Sixty-five years since I bought 
my first motor-bike...age 14

Hooked from the first.
Also hooked by my 14-year-old sweetheart,
who stood waiting for me one evening
under a light not so bright
Already late
First date.
NO! She did not "ride" with me. 
We rode the city bus 5¢.................


heart shaped
hung by string,
a way of life
for everything

bleeding, hoping,
loving, waiting.
One day,
all so clearly clear;
can see and be seen
by even you, my dear

leaning against 
dimly lit lampost
--no moon this night
shadows moving
in the way they do
looking for ghost to
jump out--say "BOO!"

You glance but don't shout
as each tiny four-to-six-booted creature
bandies about those heels so tall.
wishing somehow
those heels 
were wheels


"is it my...YES!
He's my biker-guy!".....

The Universe still complete
hearts persistent will beat
as all continues
and would
and should



Monday, December 3, 2012

LOVING and JOKING--a poem

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Week #73
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“While I'm writing, I'm far away;
and when I come back, I've gone.”
Pablo Neruda

simply a POEM

my darling!
light lit
radiant, yet dim.
blue bulb
‘veScent aglow

you waiting 
by window
And we,
blissly blest

"goodbye?" no.
more  apropos--

our shadows spoke
I listened,
finally, broke', 

stepped away...
(here comes a joke!)

like old Peep
who sold seed.

“These special seeds
Grow at such speeds,”
Say Shadow-Peep to me.

“Throw them on the ground

OK? fair warning.

Back to story of mine
(and yours—sublime?)
One hour, one day
at a time
I shall write
And tonight,
saddest poem of all:

 “I loved you
and sometimes... 
you loved me too.

I LOVE these two
Neruda quotes,
especially the one at top!
(And also the one at bottom--grin!)