Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, August 27, 2012



Nine hundred miles north of home (Naples, Florida) 
is situated the state of Virginia. 
I read the message, from writer/poet/blogger Brian Miller
who resides in the 'city-of-enthusiasm', 

"If you need to crash, our door is always open", he wrote.
Well, "crash"--to some--has a connotation of  
'drop by, eat a bowl of cereal, 
sack out on couch for five hours, 
and be on your way'. 

Brian did not realize that when I "crash"
...it is for three days and nights! HO! HO! HO!

He and I had never met
...and yet
for me, it was like two friends 
having a long-overdue reunion.

During one time I was left alone 
in their home
I met a Peep who stays with them,
My name for him: PRAYER-BOY

As Prayer-Boy and I were 
getting to 'know' one another
(Really!) I wondered that he 
did not know, nor worry,
that his lifetime here
is less than a year.

He and I talked of the gratitude
we share during our time 
there and there
and everywhere.

We viewed gazing, (gaping?)
at the backyard scene 
as must be enjoyed 
by Brian, his lovely wife, 
and two well-mannered sons.
(Camouflaged for privacy ;-)

Brian: back yard through screen of porch

Please understand
everything spotlessly clean, 
beautifully decorated, arranged:
Good, Orderly Direction.

Then in blew hurricane-a-roni 
to put some disorder in this 

Picture is my room, 
with shower and bath in
comfortable basement corner.
In three short minutes
I made it look like 

Staying with the Millers was 
restful, enjoyable. 
I was made to feel 
like a welcomed member 
of the family for three days

The high school Peeps 
who Brian is teaching
have no idea what gifts
they are receiving.
Nor does he know
how far he is reaching
into their lives.

Thank you, my friends!
Steve E


  1. What a nice story...isn't it amazing how blogging can touch our lives?

    1. Yup, I know we both experience those same wonderful joys.
      Ain't it grand?
      PEACE, my friend...

  2. smiles...so glad that you had such a good time together...cool on meeting prayer boy as well...there's much we can learn when talking to an insect.. or the moon and the stars...or the wheat in the field...the summer rain...the world is full of beauty and mystery..isn't it..we just need open eyes and ears...and you have both...smiles

    1. YEAH, Claudia...YOU know the man also. Like your new profile pic, girl! Pretty! It looks like...ummmm, well--YOU!

  3. haha....he does live out there...and he is still there....for now...praying...hey i need all the prayer i can get...smiles....it was awesome to have you man...and def look forward to next year....right? smiles...

  4. A rare gift indeed to meet another and instantly bond, and with his familytoo, wonderful. Your viewing buddy looks great!

  5. Aww... this is so sweet. I'm glad you guys got to meet. Love the Good Orderly Direction...

  6. Oh, how great you got to spend time with Brian and his family. I'm jealous.

  7. Wow ! so very cool- thanks for sharing and "Revenir Bientot"!