Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, August 17, 2012


 Every fact mentioned 
below is true. 
No address  is given
for obvious reasons

During midday heat suffocation,
Plaza Royal Resort beckoned  
red-helmeted biker. "Step inside.
Be with ya in a secont."

Over slippery tiles, watched him glide
holding tightly as if were gold--
local newspaper's two-week old
coffee-stained comic pages.

WiFi and coffee, next 24...what more?
Indeed, no more what. No more.

Rented room one-twenty-two
Sign on door "Smoke-No-More"
Inside...recently produced nicotine-laced clouds
Asked "concierge", (grin!)  who puffed
like a diesel locomotive.
Wearing dirty torn shirt-and-shorts
--no shoes,
he answered "everybody here smokes!" 
Oooooooo. A clue! Stay or leave?

24-hour coffee, plus WiFi

No bath towel? No ANY towel! no table, chair...
Why all this hair in tub? No soap.
Refrig. Yes. Warm. Microwave. NO.
Dust on small fridge-top shows where micro WAS!

 TV or not TV? (none), nor phone--rememb-ring 
1940 marquee,"Phone in Every Room!"

Computer access?
And hava java anytime
(Focus on what is important)

Not carpet on floor, not handle on door.
One, just one dim bulb for 'brightless'. 
OH! did I mention...nooooooo toilet paper. None.
('Experienced red-helmeted bikers
bring their own, heheh!)

Say something nice here: WONDERFUL BED! 
And the hourly-scheduled train  on "Track 29" 
in front of room 122 bothered me not one bit.

Coffee hot! Sugar kept in mason jar, 
no spoon, just dump a little into cup, 
taste, dump a bit more. Ahhhhh! 

I could write a chapter on 
"Continental Breakfast"...
a nicely piled paper plate of 
stale, soft, old OREOS. 
They had once known freshness same year biker was born. 1933 (that one with red head gear!)

Writing this a week after the happenings, I'm munching an old, stale, soft Oreo and drinking (sweet!) coffee, enjoying WiFi. Wondering how I will explain to the Peeps who ask--with askance--why would anyone stay in  place like that? All I can say is, I am a writer and observe us all, in all of our humanity, and report on that. not to force humor, beyond that "Human IS Humor".

I did not let you know about the groups of young girls who hung around the ROYAL PLAZA, nor the dark-painted, window-tinted vehicles which laid their rubber here and there through the parking areas. I walked in the dark among the wheeling dealing Peeps, as if invisible--to get coffee.

During afternoon and evening, I was told, "Towels on the way. They are at the laundromat." At 10:00 PM I was handed a bath towel. One. It had not been laundered. It was new, with store tags still attached. (The only real puzzle of my stay at Royal Plaza Resort.)

Coffee, and WiFi! 
What more could a lone scooter-traveler wish?

LOVE and PEACE, you Peeps!
Steve E

(Hello Tara and Brian!)



    The name tells its ID.

    That's not always true.

  2. Of course, from the neighborhood, I knew
    this would be an interesting place . especially I liked the "NO SMOKING" room which was full o smoke, cough, cough!

  3. How Fabulously horrible! Gag- but funny- (Ha-ha and peculiar) The Oreo's definitely got me... Wifi and coffee -you sure it wasn't instant? YUK!
    Good piece of reporting on humanity though, thanks!

  4. Well.....'free' cookies...Hmmmmm!
    The Hard DECISIONS in life.!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you. Now I must integrate with photos--that takes a special
      "Talent Yuvika"...but others can try? And learn? And enjoy the whole process!
      FUN IT IS!

  6. Replies
    1. I did not TRY to be funny here, Izdiher.
      Each event was funny all by itself.
      Sounds like you enjoyed it, and I happy for that.

  7. You are one brave soul! I'm glad that nothing terrible came of your time in room 122. From the sound of things, there was a long list of possibilities. :) Gotta love that free wifi!

    1. Magpie! Thanks for the "brave"...but possibly you meant to write
      C R A Z Y ???

      Possibilities endless, but I just went to sleep--the BED was comfortable--surprisingly so!
      CU around the monitor, here and/or there.

  8. haha....after hearing all the stories in person...i will say the stories about this in person are all the better...lol...fun place man....glad you can enjoy wifi now...smiles...haha...

  9. One other of those qualities which make you a great writer--
    you LISTEN! (and I believe you also have a great liking for WiFi--see? I was observing, too!)--grin!

  10. Reminds me of a couple motels I was forced to stay in in Chicago while driving night shift. twas not a place to sleep in the day time, I could only imagine how bad they were at night.