Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, June 25, 2012


rode in with the wind
rode out in style
brother, I have sinned
and loved every mile

 i had slept on
beach and bench
and tall building beams.

down mountain streams
flew, my feathered beak
to quench thirst therein
and soared over highest peak.

stopped to rest
 in cabin loft 

in darkness
heard her cough...

next day

flapping wings and things
designed and built our nest
 there exchanged rings

oh my love remember?
our nights held no bars
one sweetest night in november
full moon! and above...


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  1. this is lovely steve...hearing the songbird when the darkness is thickest..and then the decision to go together.. a sweet tribute to your wife and love..and heck..yeah...no bars under that full moon..smiles

  2. This sent me into reveries. Quite delightful. And these lines:

    next day

    a priceless gem in a glittering crown.

  3. I love the I have sinned and loving it :)

    Hi Steve, thank you for your very kind words at my blog. I love and cherish them, they give me the energy I needed to blog. And I love you calling me Ocean Girl too :)

  4. you have used that pic before right? surreal...i am glad the songbird found you there in the dark....love the stars shining down on you two...smiles.

  5. our nights held no bars... love the idea of that!

  6. oh.. the stars, witnesses of such a love
    Great one Steve

  7. I like the building of the next and feeling renewed ~ Thanks for your lovely words in my blog ~ I appreciate it ~

  8. down mountain streams
    flew, my feathered beak
    to quench thirst therein
    and soared over highest peak. - That's pretty great right there.

  9. Lovely writing and such a great pic.


  10. Really enjoyed the quote, art, and poem. Nice work.

  11. "our nights held no bars"...lots said in that line. :)

  12. Quite frankly, I love the poem but could not get past that hideous image you posted with the poem. That is one ugly bird. Actually, I find it revolting, I don't know why. Perhaps the colors and the settings. As for the space between your ears:
    I love the ever-changing avatar. It changes before I can comment on the previous one. I love your self effacing comment. Why is it that those who have it, deny it? Humility in the guise of humor. There are more nuggets between those ears that I see on the main media.

    1. NOW I change my name...from "Egghead" to Nugget-Head" hehehe, I like the sound of that..well, not quite musical, but certainly whimsical.

      Yeah Ces, it is NOT honest to be constantly self-effacing.

      You know as a child age 5-15, I was called every thing from 'stupid' to '500 jackasses' hundred of times by my father and some airhead adults. You might think that after 70 years, 'one' could unburden that yoke from himself.

      LOVE your honesty, in all your writings--right or wrong--as you 'see' it, you write it. BY THE WAY....there IS a girl I know who also has that self--effacing habit. Her name is CES!

      May we both recover.

  13. I wish I could write this.

    Maybe when I am your age.

  14. Poetic remembrance is beautiful! It leads to reading so many facets in between :)

    Thanks for continuing to be a part of the fellowship that surrounds all of us Steve-o-roni... <3 you are loved!