Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, June 4, 2012


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Yosemite, California Full Moon (4 minute exposure)

As we together gaze tonight
while drinking of love's cup
at Luna-Full wondrous sight--
down--as he stares up,


Moon, you stare
in my direction.
Is my earth (to you)
shining up there
so bright tonight?

Just what do you see?
...Trying to find
God as you look up?

Do you pray to Him
hands folded, while
kneeling on some
invisible stars?

Wondering, I...

I wonder, as
down at you
I'm staring.

Discover above you, Sir!
I'm sending down to you
shining rays of love.
And are you feeling these?

Wondering, too,
 are you?

Are you viewing a
spoon chase its dish,
a cow jumping over,
some flying fish?

How about Mother Earth?
Is the face on her
of a Lady?

Seeing you this night, I am
asking from afar:
do you experience
LOVE where you are?

Down there?

Wonder I...

My love is here, whether
in chair next to me
or far away by the sea.
Or gazing up, 
alongside you...Mister!

Are there miracles
also down there?

Miracles are always happen
here, there, and everywhere.
So why feel forlorn?

A great one of those
supernatural moments:
when, my true love--
YOU were born!



  1. These are very interesting questions which me too don't have an answer.

    And of course I shall not have an answer.

    I am not a committee member of those living up there.

  2. what does it look like from the heavens? i like your ponderings on the moon man and your mix in of the nursery rhyme as well...

    Even at my age I find heavenly bodies, and age of Universe-parts interesting. Someone's picture of earth's beginning 9 (or 90!) Billion years ago intrigues me, in the light of how I envision it--all for fun, Sir. My committee I fired many years ago, ya know?--grin!

    Whatever mental picture of the Universe I conjure, it always awes me to realize once more the orderliness of all Creation.

    True, I don't know ANYTHING. But I believe EVERYTHING! LOL!

  4. I...(dare I say it?)...LOVE your perspective on this one. :)

    The full moon this month (according to my Farmer's Almanac calendar) is called the Strawberry Moon...wish I was up north in Strawberry watching it this evening.

    Here's a link (if you're interested) of the names of the full moons.

  5. Magpie, I vowed to myself, not to respond to every comment...but I cannot keep my promise: your comment is SO welcome...but I telling you now, I absolutely--as my hobby--THRIVE on sites such as the Almanac where you led me.

    I could spend the rest of this night in that one place. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz!
    Thank you!

  6. I love the contemplation of how does the moon see us! down up ? cool.

  7. WoW its amazing...really soft & easy words...Perfect!!

  8. Just lovely and full of thought...what a life we live filled with so many wonders ...thank you for sharing your inner thoughts and words...blessings...bkm

  9. This made me all starry-eyed.

  10. So many interesting questions...so many thoughts on this..Nicely done, Steve..I like the nursery rhymes in it...Peace and Love.

  11. I'd love to sit and listen to this moon dialogue all night--you have a lovely way of making everything seem celestial, Steve. Thanks for being you. I'm stealing your Edith Wharton quote--it suits me, but you being in this world is indeed, a miracle which makes it hard to be sad.

  12. I love your header by the way ~ I like how you ponder from the moon's perspective, and from the earth ~ I would like to believe we feel the love in different ways and views~ Thanks for all your kind words and visits in my blog Steve ~


  13. smiles...a different perspective...
    Miracles are always happen
    here, there, and everywhere...so, so true..we just need open eyes to see..

  14. Lots to like about this one. From the gorgeous image you chose to accompany the verse, to the tone of the voice, to deep questions to reflect upon, not to mention, how cool are those images you paint in the later portions of the piece. Great read. thanks

  15. Steve, I read sometime ago about an Alzheimer's Disease research at a convent. Okay, so you could not qualify but they found out that the nuns who wrote poetry or just wrote in journals, did not demonstrate symptoms of the disease compared to the nuns who did not write. If we just take into consideration the writing aspect, I bet, you will have a sharp memory until the time you close your eyes. Tsup!

  16. Steve, what an imagination. This conversation with the moon is filled with whimsy, serious contemplation, and an obvious love for creation and Creator. As a kid, I always thought the moon was looking sort of surprised, as if viewing something naughty happening on another planet! Lovely write. Amy

  17. Lovely whimsical write and miracles are everywhere if we just open our eyes...

    Anna :o]

  18. "Kneeling on some random stars"...

    Love that! You are pondering some unanswerable questions, but these questions are GOOD!

    The world is a better place for having you in it, dear friend.

    Lady Nyo

  19. This is beautiful...I'm a big mush when it comes to the moon. Someone wondering if their love is also looking up at the moon...sigh.

    The line "Miracles are always happen here, there, and everywhere.
    So why feel forlorn?" really got me.