Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Turning Point

Turn Around, Boy

As wild child
he rode the trails on
horse named “Silver”
Yup, as in Hi-Ho

After--still a wild bloke
first of his peers
to drink booze, smoke,
and enjoy solo sex.

In first grade, engaged
in the second, it was said
...he wed.

Skip many years
thousands tears.
Bodies, hearts,
bloodied, broken,
mended not...

One fine morning
in strange city
after playing several days
with chic kitty,

Sadly rode away once more.
Silver now had two wheels
upon which he soared,
leaving behind a sweetness.

Into mobile he mouthed
“I wish to come back.”
She--”Where do you live?”
“In the south”, spoke he.

“Sir, turn your bike around,
 face the southern sun.
And RIDE, Clyde—RIDE!
Never you roam from home.”

Wild child no more 
rode 'til his ass was sore.
In every life, strife...
In decision, indecision.

AH! Those turning points--
which way to go?
To the north a cliff
straight down to hell?

Kept on keeping on.
Still sober in October
To face sun's heat
...and more.

True life
is of the soul--
not of self, now old
as chunk of mold.

Former deviant,
my body a gift 
which GOD had sent;
a thing borrowed...
and lent....



  1. How wonderful, on a rainy day in Mumbai, to dedicate a few hours to catching up on blogs, and find myself at your wonderful post. Brilliant, poignant, from the heart. So happy I stopped by.

    1. SO glad to meet a blog-friend this way. Thank you.
      MUMBAI...I have two (maybe more Facebook "Friends" who live there. BIG PLACE!
      Later, I'll visit RNSane. Have a great Friday evening!

  2. I really enjoyed this post Steve.

  3. STeVe! You gave me the chills!!!
    This is simply superb. The way you managed to slowly drag me right down into his head, his heart, my head, my heart...

    1. Yup, Shadow, these things DO take on the "personal" in us.

  4. P.S. I'm so glad you have decided to favor us folk again, with your thoughts so clear, so uncomplicated, to those of FBook *grin*

    1. Shadow it sure makes this place feel like home, when you come here and say the nicest words! It's like a Welcome...So, THANK YOU, Babe!

  5. I could feel the journey down that road..the decision or indecision along the way..leading to the place of belonging...true life is of the soul...well said..glad he found his way...have a great weekend!

    1. Wonderful to be here again, where people actually "feel" others' experiences, thoughts. Thank you, truedessa for being...here!

  6. How lovely to see and read YOU again, dear friend.... i lose track of my blogging friends so easily these days... and cannot be online nearly as much as i would wish to be. but here i am now and saying hello, hoping you are happy and well and that you still enjoy my Red Landscape that fit you so well. i am still painting ferociously as it is my way of getting "it out onto the page." Healing it is... Hoping to see you again soon, old friend.

    1. Red landscape is "THE FARM" and hangs proudly at top of my wall-gallery. Yess, I'll visit your page(s) today. Thanks SO much for coming by, and for lovely comments!

  7. Awesome, awesome poem, Steve ... I can relate ... have we met before? ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    1. we met multi eons ago. you were a wild ^.^ and now you're a ☆ poet ^.^

  8. I specially love this one: Kept on keeping on.

    Keep on doing what you best love to do ~ Hey, you are still young at heart ~ Good to see you Steve ~

    1. ha!. Grace your comments--always succinctly true--grin!
      thank you.

  9. Man has his way.
    Mushroom mushroom's way.

  10. But SIR! MAN has a BRAIN...
    just slightly smaller than the mushroom's brain--
    the size, more like that of a geranium

    Thanks for being "present", rainfield61