Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, January 28, 2013


Decided to jump in, drop a few lines, 
visit a bit with my friends at dVerse. 
Open Link Night begins Tuesday at 
3:00 PM Eastern right HERE 

Backyard shot of Moon peeking through
trees and silver clouds January 28, 2013


Prior to now
existed void
in me; in all
I knew...or not,
it seems.

Several lives I've lived
without living.
Mucho dinero tossed aside
without giving;
Only unloving drunken schemes.

Life began to stir...I say
"Oh God!" it took years
to boil, bake and cook away
hundreds and more fears,
extremist esteems...

Then, ahhh! The experience
breathing, feeling, living.
Risks? Well damn!
Changed name to Sam,
moved in new regimes.

Twenty-seven thousand hours
lived in this sweetest,
wonderful world: M.E. and D.D.
private, secret universe;
dreamers and dreams.

Country, family,
jobs, friends, life
traded as trivium,
for finding truest love
ever imagined of me.

By God's design
became yours
and you...mine!
Love--no words describe.
Most hoped: just to perceive.

Unknown, unforeseen
those several years
of large, of lean,
much laughter, tears
mingled into one WE!

Where from here?
Next? there? Maybe
simply pass on, knowing
this, and not much more:
there IS a God. See?

And we ain't He!