Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Scene near Pakistan farm

after traveling couple thousand miles 
i am tired. besides that, 
i have sand in my eye.
my feet are hurting, i
just wanna lay down and die.

we could not find our way
through the storms.
i heard some say
we'd got lost

one of the leaders
witnessed strange bright
at night, continuing
through next day.

in order to follow the light
our whole armada changed course.
it just seemed serene,
to be guided by Something

after one year, star
ceased movement
that day the world stopped
and fear overtook us
humps (we called ourselves "humps"!)

men began to run, we camels 
right behind...as if chasing. 
and all hearts beat
in rhythm with feet.

ending near a barn, late,
we'd missed act one, fate?
my masters got to meet with 
some Baby King--in secret. 

somehow tiredness disappeared,
sand blew out from my eye
people all said such nice things, 
finally--finally said good-bye.

i drank 50 gallon of water, (in 3 minutes!) 
became ready for a journey. 
prior heavy burden miraculously 
transformed to lighter load.
this time, no star--
i knew the road.

how honored, we--to have been
chosen actors in an ageless story!
me, i'm an old hump, almost 50...
but looking back at everything,

my whole life through--
deep down I knew
that i'd been given 
an opportunity to serve

my--and your--heavenly king.



  1. smiles...i like that you look at this story through the eyes of the animals...i wonder fi they knew too, you know...that something big was about to shake up the world a bit...my fav christmas movie is nestor the long eared christmas donkey...

    1. I saw a movie last July (true)...afraid I'm missing out on a lot of fun,
      but so long as I don't know it...hmmmmm!
      Thanks for dropping by, Bro!

  2. awww that made me smile... love how you write from the camel's perspective...and what a journey..eh.. i have written about it yesterday as well a bit.... magic in the finding...

    1. Claudia, we have similar thinking--but your writing (communication) is much more defined, refined.

  3. In the eyes of a camel....

    but it must be more than that.

    It never tells completely.

    1. Correct, but complete knowledge of all thngs cannot be until......the end.

  4. Did you know, that I once was worth 30 camels? ... Sold!