Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


nothing I can say about 
this "Piano Quartet"... 
except to leave you with a 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


remember when
kitty said
mew, mew, mew?
now, it's



Sunday, April 13, 2014


Thania Sayne leans on the headstone of her husband 
 day before their wedding anniversary on 16 Oct 2013 


Before, during,
after fame
did love's flame
keep on burning,
never adjourning?

once I,

loved by lovely artist
who traveled every place
on our globe,
on her toes


oh! I miss her face
god, I miss her so...
not secret our love,
nor for show

remember we,

strong trees?
tall we stood,
roots weaved
but never tied?

and I took leave
and died?
oh! hurting heart,
you cried.

we met--before fame.
even during, next--
how persistently flame
continued to burn.

truest of loves
has no adjourn...

our one anticipation
to meet, greet,
on street or shore

 "quoth the Raven,
our enscription:

Published Sep 2013
Rewritten Apr 13 2014

*Edgar Poe, THE RAVEN

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Sail Away --by elvengaard

Summer 1966 

Dear *****

Kurt was my "Sunday Morning" bartender. Sign, posted out front of Dusty's Red Barn in Naples Florida, read "LAST CHANCE for ALCOHOL until MIAMI".  Yes...I stood in line with others who also had--on Saturday--miscalulated their liquor inventory. 

Kurt's body was adorned with muscles as a holiday tree with ornaments and lights. He WAS one muscle. In an earlier life he caught his wife night-after-night. He, high up on small swing--she, even higher, flying through the air. High-wire circus performers who retired to Naples.

Originally from Sweden, Kurt and his wife loved sailing, and partying so much that I figured about all Swedes did was sail, drink, and fly high under a tent.

Kurt and I became friends, we both drank a lot. However, when Kurt would stop for the day--or night--I'd keep drinking until, well...until somehow, chaos entered the room. In minutes, I fantasized hell into a bright, shining goal instead of a death-dread.

Kurt owned a 36-foot wooden-hulled single masted sailboat, which I loved from afar.  At his invitation to go sailing without wives for a week, I said "YESSSSS!!!"
Reluctantly, of course--grin! 

Preparations included 5 gallon gasoline for the small auxiliary motor, 12 cases of beer and 1½ cases Early Times Bourbon. It was a compromise. Kurt believed one case to be sufficient, I wanted two cases on board, ya never know.  In my small "personal" case, I hid 3 quarts of vodka--to be on the safe side. I remember some water, lots of ice, and a case of Cola for Kurt. Also some food, about which I remember little.

(So many cases of beer--because if we should run out of water or ice, shrimpers at sea would trade for beer--boy, were they a rough, crude, bunch. Whoo!) Since it was I who clambered aboard the larger boats, made the exchanges, I recall my fears of indiscriminate bodily harm. 

Involving sharks, naturally--grin!
I had never seen much sense in beer drinking. It is mostly water, I figured.  In fact it was beer with which I watered geraniums. They were forever wilted. Always thirsty, I guess...

One weekday morning at 10 AM we set out, a lone boat in Naples Bay, even more alone out in the Gulf of Mexico. My first real "sail" adventure about to begin.


Part 2 will follow in couple days

Friday, April 4, 2014

Awakening Day

Day had just awakened.
Darkness blinked once in
barely discerned burst of first-light
as it were--and I, being snapped
in flash-photo darkness.
Oh! The feeling...the sight!

Miles stretched each way
From proud, quiet bay
To immensity of sea.
THIS! for one alone--me

To muse of rose-strewn heavens
nature's aroma beautifully joined
with numbered thousands
splashing, silvered minnows

In silent awe
I saw a dolphin
followed by two,
rising, falling in unison
sliding under, above
Happy! Free!
Home: the sea

Absorbed totally, insanely,
bird-songs gently pierced
my acoustic nerves.
Sweetest melody (sigh)

Not red blood, but JOY
flowed through my veins
Into my heart--ecstasy!
No words to express

Porpoises had stage front
"Here we are. SEE?"
These happenings
in near-silence.

All this caught my attention, as
earliest sights and nature sounds
brought me to a great reality:

Today, I have not had a drink. 
Neither had I to think
about it.
Thus, another day,
another day awake!

Mine: in aquiescence,
wait for God's next move--
in my life...and yours!


Originally published in "steveroni" blog,
October 2010 as THE SEA...AND ME.
Now rewritten.